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  Your organization can reach the Workplace & Retail Clinic audience through Workplace & Retail Clinic Bulletin sponsor messages in each e-newsletter, or dedicated announcements or white papers sent to the Workplace & Retail Clinic distribution list

E-Newsletter Sponsor Messages
One brief sponsor message is available in each issue, which may include brief html text and or a banner (maximum 650 pixels wide by 120 pixels high.) 

Dedicated Announcements
A dedicated e-blast announcement may be sent to the Workplace & Retail Clinic Bulletin distribution, with html provided by the sponsor. Dedicated e-blasts are available according to the following specifications:

  • No more than a total of one blast per week will be distributed

  • Sponsor is responsible for providing fully formatted html in finished form with no file attachments

  • A Workplace & Retail Clinic Bulletin Announcement header and footer, with unsubscribe information, will be inserted for all e-blasts

  • Submissions must be received at least two business days in advance of scheduled blasts

  • Copy is subject to review and approval 

Solutions White Papers
A special edition of the Workplace & Retail Clinic Bulletin can be issued featuring only your white paper discussing an applicable Workplace & Retail Clinic subject, according to the same pricing and specifications as set above for dedicated e-blasts.

Pricing, Demographics and Additional Information
Contact MCOL (see below) and request an advertising kit with additional detailed information including pricing and demographics.

To place your advertising order, or for more information, contact MCOL at 209.577.4888 or e-mail


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